Daily maintenance and maintenance of the squash court


Daily maintenance and maintenance of the squash court:

The squash court is an international standard competition venue with a standard width of 6.4 meters, a length of 9.75 meters, a front height of 4.57 meters, a back height of 2.13 meters, a ceiling height of 5-6 meters, a castanets height of 0.48 meters, and a frontal serve line height of 1.83 meters.

System: 6mm thick American SPORTWALL elastic swing system,

floor system: 18mm thick maple floor,

glass back wall system: 12mm thick tempered glass and hardware accessories.

壁球馆 (2).jpg

So what kind of daily maintenance and maintenance are needed for the squash court:

1. Equipped with professional sports shoes, and put them outside the designated squash court. It is best to equip a few more pairs. There should be carpets or dust-removing mats under your feet. You can't wear shoes directly into the arena from outside, like Leather shoes and rubber shoes cannot be worn.

2. You cannot rely on squash on the wall and cannot use squash to deliberately rub the wall.

3. Clean the glass on the back wall of the squash hall regularly to ensure the appearance of the squash hall is tidy and clean.

4. After a period of use, if the floor is really dirty or damaged, you should contact the squash court construction unit for polishing and repair.

Source:foshan grk commercial co ltd
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