The importance of leveling the foundation of a synthetic court


The importance of leveling the foundation of a synthetic court

To build a good rubber stadium, the foundation is very important. The foundation is the first step in the construction of the stadium. The quality of the foundation directly affects the progress of the subsequent construction. We believes that the foundation must be leveled before construction. The main impacts of the leveling of the foundation on the construction of the rubber stadium are as follows:

1) the impact of the leveling of the stadium foundation on the flatness of the rubber surface. The foundation is leveled, which is conducive to the scraping of the synthetic surface, so that the synthetic surface achieves the ideal flatness, so as to avoid unevenness and cause rain. Stagnant water.

2) the impact of foundation leveling on the bonding strength of the synthetic surface layer .The foundation is uneven, the unevenness of the ground makes the contact between the flooring paint and the foundation uneven, and the uneven accumulation of ground glue will cause the synthetic surface layer to crack.

3) the impact of leveling of the foundation on the heat dissipation of the rubber surface layer The foundation is level, and the rubber surface layer heats up uniformly, so as to avoid air bubbles caused by uneven heat dissipation.

4)the foundation is flattened to make the synthetic rubber surface layer made flat, giving people a visual effect, and will not make athletes feel dazzling because of the unevenness.

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