How to design an excellent children's playground?


Children are always curious about new things

When planning a children’s playground

One of the most important design principles is to use "children's eyes to see the world"

Children's psychology, preferences, activities, and cognition of the world

Designers should stand on the "height" of children to design

At the same time, we must ensure the safety of children's sports

Only in this way can we design a venue that is really suitable for children

This article will discuss with you from four aspects

How to design an excellent children's playground?

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Space Design

----Create an appropriate sense of scale according to age----

Age is often the basis for grouping children's outdoor activities. Children are often divided into small groups due to age. Children of different ages have different activities and game content.

As children grow and develop, their behavior and range of movements will expand with changes in their body shape. The appropriate scale is the standard for people to approach things, otherwise it will cause children to lose control and lose confidence.


1-3 years old: Adults need to accompany and take care of them at the same time. They need an open and safe venue for activities. The ground should be soft when designed, and the activities facilities are accompanied by physical growth activities.

3-5 years old: Parents can keep a certain distance, (requires parent rest area) children’s interaction increases, physical activity increases, separate venues and facilities for activities.

5-10 years old: Parents can take care of them, their independence is enhanced, physical activities are mature, and more new interactive activities are needed. Communication between children and activities involving parents and children.



Color Matching

----Perceive the diverse world in color----

Color is the intuitive feeling of children when they play, and it is the primary reason for children's psychological changes.

The effect of color on children is obvious, bright and cheerful colors will bring children happy emotions. In addition, children who like different colors have different personalities. Choosing appropriate colors in the design will shape the children's personality, which is beneficial to the healthy development of the children's personality.

But bright colors can cause children to be mentally nervous, distracted, and bored. Therefore, it is best not to use the same proportions of the three primary colors.



Ability to distinguish between color and black and white at 4 months.

Can distinguish primary colors such as red, yellow, and blue at the age of 2-3 years, but does not have the ability to distinguish colors with different purity and mixed colors.

Can master the use of eight common colors when you are 4-5 years old.

5-6 years old basically have a relatively complete color perception ability.


Playing Facilities

----Safety first, educate through entertainment----


The facilities of the children's playground should be based on safety first, with the purpose of cultivating and exercising children's physical fitness and adventurous spirit.

The decapitation of amusement instruments is round, smooth, stable in structure, and suitable in scale. A variety of game equipment should be provided for children to choose, and the difficulty of the game should be graded, so that children can use them in sequence with the growth of age and ability.



Floor Paving

----Smooth, non-slip and have fun----

There are two types of paving: external roads and internal roads. The external roads should be short and direct, so that children can quickly enter the activity area. The internal roads should be as interesting as possible to facilitate the use of children's cars, skateboards and other equipment, and their width is generally between 0.8-1.5 meters.

The road leading to the children's playground and the road surface in the playground should be smooth and non-slip, and the road leading to the children's playground should be convenient for strollers. Protective ground, such as sand, plastic, and rubber mats, should be used under all game facilities.


Requirements of different age groups for flooring materials


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