How thick is the EPDM floor?



The average thickness of the colored EPDM flooring system is 13mm, the bottom is made of 8mm black SBR granules, and the top is made of 5mm colored EPDM granules, which is often referred to as 8+5. Because of its environmental protection, it is very popular in the community and kindergarten venues.

      Colorful EPDM flooring system is suitable for schools at all levels and colored track and field track, semi-circle area, auxiliary area, national fitness track, indoor gymnasium training track, playground road, indoor and outdoor track, rubber EPDM basketball court, etc.

      The foundation ground requirements of the colorful EPDM flooring system:

1. The ground foundation of colorful EPDM flooring system is divided into two types: asphalt concrete foundation and cement concrete foundation.

2. The asphalt concrete foundation should be dense, solid, smooth, with rough surface, no cracks, and no traces of rolling.

3. The cement concrete foundation should be smooth, hard, rough surface, no sand anti phenomenon, no fracture and fine seam surface, no floating cement powder, and the cement concrete mark should meet the concrete C-25(4000PSI) strength standard.

4. Measurement of flatness: there is no sag of 3mm or more when measured with a 3-meter ruler on the base plane, or no sag of 1mm or more is measured with a 1-meter ruler.

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