Storage of synthetic running track materials


In winter, synthetic running track materials should be placed indoors and classified and stacked. If they are not placed indoors, they can be placed in an outdoor dry environment to ensure that the materials do not enter water and are not damp, because the materials used in rubber track projects are oily , so must ensure the dryness of the material.

The materials that has not been used in the construction should be placed. If the temperature is lower than a few degrees below zero, there is no problem, and it can still be used. If the material used in the rubber track project is frozen, the product cannot be used immediately, and it can only be used when the rubber track material returns to the construction temperature after a certain period of time. When using materials, check to see if they are within the shelf life.

There is also the choice of materials for synthetic rubber track project. It is convenient for you to choose good quality materials for construction, storage and construction quality. This will also affect the service life of the rubber track. If you use good quality track material, it will last a long time.

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