The new Sports Law has come into effect on January 1, 2023


The "Sports Law of the People's Republic of China" has come into effect on January 1, 2023. After revision, the Sports Law increased from 8 chapters and 54 articles to 12 chapters and 122 articles. What impact will the newly revised Sports Law have on the development of sports in our country? What are the highlights and features? How will the implementation of the law be promoted next?

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Legislation responds to actual needs and provides legal protection for the development of sports

The Sports Law promulgated in 1995 reflected the development of sports in our country at that time. Over the past 20 years since the implementation of this law, my country's sports industry has developed rapidly, and great progress has been made in various fields such as national fitness, competitive sports, youth sports, and the sports industry.

The "14th Five-Year Plan" mentioned that by 2035, a sports power and a healthy China will be built. Tian Siyuan, a professor of Law School of Tsinghua University, said in an interview with People's Daily Online that the newly revised Sports Law is about to be implemented, marking that my country's sports rule of law has entered a new stage. The construction of a healthy China is of great significance.


"In response to the challenges emerging in the new era, the newly revised Sports Law faces real problems such as the geographical imbalance in the development of sports and the unsound public service system for national fitness, responds to the new demands and expectations of the people. It provides a solid legal guarantee for the development of sports in the new era. " Tian Siyuan said.

The newly revised Sports Law has many highlights, highlighting the basic role of national fitness

Article 1 of the General Provisions of the Sports Law clearly states that "carry forward the spirit of Chinese sports and cultivate Chinese sports culture". "The newly revised Sports Law has many highlights. For the first time, it emphasizes sports spirit and sports culture in the legislative purpose, and emphasizes the leading role of spiritual culture in the development of sports, which is conducive to enhancing the country's cultural soft power." Tian Siyuan explained.

The Sports Law changed the title of the original Chapter 2 "Social Sports" to "National Fitness". Tian Siyuan said that this change has written the national fitness strategy into law, highlighted the fundamental role of national fitness, encouraged and supported citizens to participate in fitness activities, and promoted the deep integration of national fitness and national health.


In terms of youth and school sports, Tian Siyuan introduced that youth health is the foundation of the health of the whole people. The Sports Law proposes that "the state implements a youth and school sports promotion plan, and improves the youth and school sports work system", which puts youth and school sports at the forefront. In order to promote the coordinated development of youth cultural learning and physical exercise, promote the healthy growth of young people, and play a leading role in the rule of law.

Enhance the awareness of the rule of law in sports and draw a new blueprint for "ruling the body by law"

Article 5 of the General Provisions of the Sports Law clearly states that the state guarantees the right of citizens to equally participate in sports activities in accordance with the law, and gives special protection to the rights of minors, women, the elderly, and disabled people to participate in sports activities.

As for how to promote the implementation of the sports law and protect the rights of citizens, Tian Siyuan said that it can be carried out from the aspects of legislation, law enforcement, and law-abiding. First, in terms of legislation, after the implementation of the Sports Law, other relevant legislation needs to keep up. Recently, the State Sports General Administration formulated and announced the "Organizational Rules of the China Sports Arbitration Commission", which is a manifestation of the implementation of the Sports Law and is conducive to the establishment of a high-level sports arbitration system.

Second, in terms of law enforcement, local people's governments at all levels should provide necessary guarantees for sports law enforcement, strengthen and improve the mechanism and team building of sports law enforcement.

Third, in terms of law-abiding, it is necessary to increase the publicity of sports laws. "Currently, the sports law is still relatively small, and many people don't understand it, but in fact the sports law is closely related to our lives, and sports make life better." Tian Siyuan said that it is necessary to increase publicity and enhance the public's awareness of the rule of law in sports. Drive the whole society to form an atmosphere of fitness for all, sports for all, and health for all.


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