Standard size of children's basketball court


As people's awareness of sports gradually improves, more and more parents begin to pay attention to their children's physical exercise, and children's basketball training is gradually becoming popular. On the one hand, children's basketball can enhance children's physical fitness, and on the other hand, it can make up for the lack of emphasis on the development of lower limbs and neglect of upper limb movements in school physical training, thereby further promoting children's all-round development. To build a children's basketball hall, you must first understand its size.

What is the meaning of U6, U8, U10, U12 in the children's basketball hall?

U is the abbreviation of English under (below), so it can be seen that the age limit of the participating players indicated by the number behind U is below this number. U6 refers to players aged 6 and below, U8 and U10 refer to players aged 8 and 10 and below, and U12 refers to players aged 12 and below.


Children's basketball court standard size

The standard size of U6 is 14m*8m, the three-second area is 3m*2.4m, and the size of the center circle is 1.8m. The standard size of U8 and U10 is 15m*12m, the three-second area is 4m*3m, and the size of the center circle is 2.57m. The standard size of U12 is 28m*15m, the three-second zone is 5.8m*4.9m, and the size of the central circle is 2.57m.


The standard size of the basketball court is 28 meters in length, 15 meters in width, and the ratio is 28:15. There are no obstacles within at least 2 meters outside the standard boundary line. This area is called the buffer zone.

Standard size of basketball court plus buffer zone: 32 meters in length and 19 meters in width.

NBA professional basketball court standard size: 28.65 meters long, 15.24 meters wide.


Half-court basketball court size: 14 meters in length, 15 meters in width, plus 2 meters on each side as a buffer zone, that is, 18 meters in length and 19 meters in width.


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