Reasons and preventive measures for cracking of acrylic court


Reasons for cracking of acrylic courts:

Generally, it is caused by cracks in the foundation. Acrylic does not have anti-cracking properties. If there is cracking, it is caused by cracks in the foundation. Cracks in unqualified cement foundations will lead to cracks in acrylic courts, asphalt foundations are less likely to crack.

The requirements for the construction of acrylic stadium foundations are relatively high. The flatness and the proportion of cement mortar must meet the industry standards, which can significantly reduce cracking.

Requirements of sub-strate base for acrylic court construction

1. Cement concrete foundation, the strength grade is not less than C25, the thickness is not less than 150mm, there must be a moisture-proof layer in the concrete foundation structure, there must be drainage ditches around, concrete surfaces cannot be troweled, ordinary textured layers are sufficient. Depending on the site, cast plain or reinforced concrete, expansion joints should be cut at appropriate positions.

After the cement concrete foundation is completed, the curing period must be 28 days, and the acrylic material should be constructed after flushing.

2. Asphalt concrete foundation is strongly recommended. Generally, it is recommended to pave hot-mix asphalt concrete with a thickness of not less than 70mm, including 40mm thick rough asphalt concrete and 30mm thick fine asphalt concrete. There must be drainage ditches around, and there is no need to cut expansion joints .

After the completion of the asphalt concrete foundation, the maintenance period is 28 days (at least 15 days if the weather is good), and the acrylic material can only be constructed after flushing. And the density of asphalt concrete is not less than 95%.

In recent years, the number of manufacturers of acrylic court coatings has increased, and the quality of acrylic court coatings has been uneven. If you want to make a high-quality court, you must choose acrylic coatings carefully.

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