Rubber Oval Track


A fine granulesstructure,providing a soft, comfortable surface.A cost-effective surface foruse at schools sports and athletics sports.Very safe multisport system.

Spray Coat is water permeable so that the surface dries out veryquickly and is still non-slip performance. This means that the syntheticsurface is suitable for year-round use as an all weather pitch. Additionaladvantages include the high level of wear resistance and low maintenance costs.


spray coat-SP.jpg


1.    Simple design matches any style of sport court.

2.    It is suitable for all the year round

3.    No bubble, no seamless

4.    Wearable,dense and elastic surface

5.    Weathering resistant and anti-ultraviolet

6.    Waterproof and anti-slip

7.    Bright colors ,soft gloss

8.    Easy application and economical


1Base-Concrete or Asphalt150mm (Concrete)Concrete
30mm (Asphalt)Asphalt
2Water proof layer
PU primer
3SBR layer10mm
SBR rubber granule
4Top Coat
EPDM rubber granule
PU material
5Marking line
PU marking line material


1Don’t allow wearing spiked shoes, highheels, recycled rubber soles shoes and other clear water chestnut soles

2  No Smoking Cigarette butts, chewing gumor sugary drinks.

3 Prohibit all vehicles driving on thebasketball court to avoid mechanical shock and friction.

4Avoid contact with organic solvents,chemicals.

5 Keep clean, you can rinse with water,sticky oil can be 10% ammonia or detergent scrub clean.

6Seasonal maintenance, large-scalecleaning should be conducted twice a year, it is recommended to usehigh-pressure hose to flush the entire site. Winter snow must be promptly broomsweep. If freezing, prohibit the use of hard shovel pry, it should be allowedto melt.