How to clean acrylic or rubberized court


Clean up the floating dust and leaves and other debris on the court every day. When using the machine to clean, pay special attention to the seal of the oil tank to prevent oil from leaking or dripping onto the site. If you do not use it often, you should also clean the fallen leaves and dust regularly.


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1. If it is found that the acrylic surface is damaged, it should be repaired only by acrylic material in time to prevent the damaged area from expanding and extending to the entire field;same rubberized court.

2. If conditions permit, according to the needs of the on-site acrylic surface layer, a layer of oil can be scraped regularly to maintain the appearance of the stadium.

3. In Winter, the floor is freezing,It is not recommended to clean the site with water in winter.

4. Scour the site regularly. Pay attention to the following when using water pusher and water pipe:

① When the rubber of the water pusher is worn to a certain extent, it should be replaced in time.

②In the process of pushing water, if there are hard objects such as pebbles, they should be picked out before pushing.

③Do not push the water pusher dry.

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