Running Track Maintenance


When any type of sports surface is installed, it is necessaryto carry out regular cleaning and be proactive with a maintenance plan.Athletics track maintenance is vital and cleaning should be done regularly asthis will keep the facility in the best possible condition and also ensurethat it’s a safe surface for those who use it. There are two types ofprocedures: proactive and reactive maintenance. Proactive work is done toprevent damage and reactive methods are carried out when the damage hashappened and this normally includes repairing surfaces. The servicing requiredwill depend upon the type of athletics surface you have and its condition

Proper Running Track Maintenance

  •   Keep track free of foreignmatter, clean your track frequently   to remove sand, leaves, dirt, debris,moss, mold and mildew.

  •   Use the right equipment, avacuum sweeper, leaf blower, or water sprayer can be utilized.

  • Inspect high traffic areas,such as lanes 1 and 2, starting block locations, cheerleading areas, for wear,repair as required.

  • If the infield is natural turf,make sure that the sprinkler system is adjusted to minimize water on the tracksurface.

  • Clean and fill cracks, repairas required.

  • Cross over tarps should beutilized for maintenance equipment and walkways for turf sports when team arecrossing over the track.

  •   Public walkers and joggersshould use the outer lanes to reduce wear in lanes 1 and 2

  • Protective matting should beused when cheerleaders perform their routines and where football teamspractice.

Things to avoid

  • ·        No athletic shoe spikes longerthan 1/8”.

  • ·        Do not drag heavy objectsacross surface.

  • ·        Do not drive any vehicles onthe track at any time.

  • ·        No pets, skateboarding,rollerblading, or bikes shall be permitted at any time.

  • ·        Do not allow fertilizer orgrass seed to be spread on the track.

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