Athletic track Spray Machine

Athletic track Spray Machine

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Spray machine is designed for spraying the elastic surface of indoor or outdoor stadium track. It uses a material pump to pump the mixture of liquid polyurethane and rubber granules into the spray gun, while the compressed air output by an air compressor also enters the spray gun, mixes in the spray gun, and sprays the atomized mixture on the surface of the tartan track.Spray coat machine

Technical specifications:

1. the air compressor (there are big machine and small machine ,the red word is the small machine

(1) Pressure:        1Mpa

(2) Quantity:         0.64m3/h

(3) Power:          7.5KW (5.5KW)

  2. Spray pump:

  (1) Pressure:        1Mpa

  (2) Quantity:        0.0125m3/min

  (3) Power:          2.2KW

  3. Capacity:          l00L   (80L)

  4. Spraying output:      12-15kg/min   (10-12kg/min)

  5. weight:          400kg   (380kg)

  6. Size: (L×W×H)    1501000×1100mm   (1050x700x1000mm)

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Place of Origin
Guangdong China
FOB China port by ocean
Unit Price
USD3000-4500 /set
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