Two major reasons why the one-component silicone PU does not dry or dry slowly on the construction s


The curing principle of one-component silicone PU is moisture curing (or called water vapor curing), so the glue forming medium on site is water vapor. During the construction process, the material does not dry or dry slowly, and the reason is only insufficient water and dilution. There are two main reasons for the mismatch of agents.

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1. Not dry or slow dry due to insufficient water

When the air humidity is appropriate and the basic dryness is appropriate, the amount of water required for each company's product formulation design is not necessarily the same. In order to make it easy for the construction team to adjust on site and avoid accidents when doing things based on the feeling, Greens berg improved the production process during the production of the factory, vacuumed the materials, and carried out the second reaction purification and other processes, so that every batch The material achieves zero water content and environmental protection before leaving the factory. As long as the foundation of the construction site is dry (moisture content is less than 5%), and the air humidity is less than 60% (non-moisture and non-sticky), it can be added according to the amount of water within 2% of the weight of the elastic material. Fully stir the construction, that is, 30kg/barrel and add 600g water , A bottle of 500g water is a little more, and the reaction is complete, and there will be no non-drying or slow-drying phenomenon. Of course, the master needs to adjust the amount of small water appropriately according to the site foundation and the air humidity is not up to the construction conditions. If the water consumption is not enough, the site will not dry or dry slowly. If the water consumption is too large, the site will foam. In the same field, there are areas that are dry and some areas are not dry, which must be caused by uneven water use or uneven mixing. Uneven mixing will also cause local bubbling and foaming. The normal design drying time of the site is 12 hours. If the site is not dry after the normal drying time, the site will have wet mud, sticky feet, sticky dust, water washing and fading.

2. Non-drying or slow-drying phenomenon caused by mismatched thinner

During construction, diluent need to be added to control leveling. Alcohol-containing tar-grade diluent (methanol, ethanol) will directly destroy the molecular structure of the material, resulting in insufficient reaction and slow drying. The physical The performance will not meet the design requirements and affect the service life.

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