Types of sports stadium structures and construction arrangements between processes


Types of sports stadium structures and construction arrangements between processes

GRK-project ( (1).jpgThere are many special competitions in the construction and construction of the sports stadium venues. Each special competition has its own competition rules. At the same time, there are some special competition structures, such as the jumping board and sand pit for the long jump competition, the hole in the pole vault competition, and the track competition. Obstacle pool and inner ring drainage ditch for mid-3000m run. Most of these structures are reinforced concrete structures, and the position and size requirements of the structures are within millimeters (mm). During construction, they are constructed as general civil engineering structures. Once the error is too large, it will cause trouble to the recognition of the competition results. Otherwise, it will have to be dismantled and reworked. There have been cases where the 3000m obstacle course was completely dismantled due to its misalignment with the runway, and the long jump jumping board was not perpendicular to the runway and was removed. Therefore, in the construction of track and field venues, the construction of structures cannot be ignored from the beginning of the line. Every process must be strictly checked until the process of pouring cement concrete. The structures of the track and field include: long jump and triple jump take-off boards, sand pits, shot throwing rings and throwing areas, hammer throwing discus throwing rings and throwing areas, pole vaulting holes, and the construction of inner ring drainage ditch.

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The construction sequence of various professional structures is also very important. It is different from general civil engineering because the structure is small in size and requires many processes, location and elevation requirements are high, and the construction area is large, which often affects other process operations, which will affect the entire construction period of the site. Unwanted extension. For example, because of unreasonable arrangements for the construction of the stadium of a sports school in Beijing, the entire construction period lasted about eight months, while the entire construction period of the sports stadium under the same conditions was completed in four months.

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