Video | Standard size for a dozen sports venues! 3D effect at a glance


What are the standard sizes of some popular sports fields and arenas? Is the tennis court bigger than the basketball court? Is the rugby field bigger than the soccer field?

After watching the 3D effect video below, you can see at a glance.

Table tennis table: 2.7m*1.5m (9ft*4ft)

Racquetball court: 12.2m*6.1m (40ft*20ft)

Badminton court: 13.4m*6.1m (44ft*20ft)

Volleyball court: 18m*9m (60ft*30ft)

Tennis court: 24m*11m (79ft*36ft)

Basketball court: 28m*15m (92ft*49ft)

Swimming pool: 50m*25m (164ft*82ft)

Ice hockey rink: 61m*26m (200ft*85ft)

Field hockey pitch: 91m*55m (300ft*180ft)

Baseball field: 91m*91m (300ft*300ft)

Soccer field: 110m*78m (361ft*256ft)

Rugby field: 144m*70m (492ft*230ft)

Cricket field: 144m*144m (472ft*472ft)

Racetrack (400 meters): 175m*95m (574ft*312ft)

Racecourse (2 km): 900m*350m (2950ft*1150ft)

World longest speedway: 1750m*950m (5740ft*3120ft)

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