The three most overlooked details when installing the SPU court material


In the construction of sports stadiums using silicon PU court material, some small details that are easily overlooked are not handled well, leading to quality problems in later engineering. GRK reminds everyone of the three most overlooked details in the construction of the Silicon PU material.


In the construction process of the silicon PU material, we need to pay attention to the following three points:

1. Since the SPU material is a kind of flammable material, it must be reminded that the construction workers must not smoke during the construction, so as to avoid fire accidents caused by fire on site, resulting in casualties and property losses.

2. On-site construction must ensure air circulation, if it is an outdoor venue, of course, there is no problem, the indoor venue must pay attention, may be because the silicon PU stadium is generally outside, the construction personnel will not pay attention to this problem, but After all, some of the venues are indoors. Therefore, it is necessary to remind the construction workers that they should not be sloppy. Ventilation should be opened in advance to ensure air circulation.

3. To ensure that on-site construction personnel have professional knowledge, do not think that a casual worker can professionally carry out the   construction of silicon PU material. On-site construction personnel must carry out rigorous training in the construction unit. Under normal   circumstances, construction personnel must undergo various fire safety, anti-electricity, anti-virus and other safety education and related hazard   response skills training before they can formally carry out on-site construction.

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