Why EPDM track or Spray coat track do not bubble ?


Why EPDM track or Spray coat track do not bubble ?

In the market, there are EPDM track, spray coat track,sandwich track, Full PU track, and prefabricated track .

It sepereted by permeable and non-permeable track,EPDM track and Spray coat track belong to permeable track,sandwich track, full pu track and prefabricated track belong to non-permeable track.


There are three reasons for rubber track bubbles:

1)The subbase problem; Regarding to Cement subbase, without waterproof layer When the cement foundation construct, or the cement was not maintained for 28 days after the completion of the cement, or the new cement foundation was maintained for 28 days but before the rubber track construction,it dont pickled by OXALIC ACID. These will cause blistering on the rubber tartan track.Regarding to AC (Asphalt) subbase, the asphalt was not compacted during construction. After the completion of the athletic track, the athletic track delamination and blistering, and the excavated rubber track was bonded with asphalt.

2) Raw materials;The raw materials of the track are mainly TDI, MDI, toner, plasticizer, etc., which we can commonly call rubber, toner and plasticizer. The amount of rubber is less, the toner and plasticizer are added, the resilience and rubber of the material are less, and the material is prone to problems, and it will also cause problems such as delamination and blistering.

3)Construction environment (Climate and Weather); Under the cloudy and rainy days to do application,the ground is not dry before the rubber track installed. The water vapor on the ground cannot come out. The PU material seals the ground, and the water vapor rises to produce bubbles.

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